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Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance service offers are described below. 
Financial and Tax Due Diligence

Financial and Tax Due Diligence

This service is provided to clients who approach HST for an independent assessment of the potential financial and tax issues in a company in which they would like to acquire a partial or complete ownership. The purpose of the due diligence is to provide an assessment of the sustainable level of profitability that can be expected from the target and also alert the potential buyer on any potential tax liabilities that may arise in the future. Commercial due diligence is often added to the service package to give the client an overview of the drivers that influence the commercial profitability of the business.

The tax due diligence component is conducted in cooperation with our Tax and Business Support Services Business Unit.

Business and Asset Valuations

Business and Asset Valuations

These services are provided to clients who seek an estimate of the value of a company or ownership interest they are considering to buy (or sell). The proposed transaction could be either a complete or partial transfer of the ownership interest from the existing owners to the new investors. Such valuations are critical during mergers and acquisitions as well as in special situations such as the admission or exit of business partners and matrimonial settlements. HST uses valuation tools that are accepted globally and offers the client a range of values for negotiating the transaction.

Asset valuation services are provided when an additional benchmark becomes essential for negotiating the price of the ownership interest that is to be transferred from one party to the other.

Market Study, Feasibility Study and Business Plan

Market Study, Feasibility Study and Business Plan

These services are provided to clients who would like to have an independent and assessment of the commercial feasibility of their greenfield projects or expansion of existing projects. They are primarily aimed at informing investors on the potential size of the market they are targeting to serve, the size of the investment that is required, the projected cash flows that are expected from the project as well as an assessment of its commercial viability.


Market study services can sometimes be offered as standalone services when the engagement warrants that such a study will be a critical before deciding to undertake a full-blown feasibility study for a new product or market.      

Transaction Advisory and Post-acquisition Integration

Transaction Advisory and Post-acquisition Integration

This service includes providing professional advice to a client (either from the buyer or seller side) during a merger or acquisition deal. The service involves providing advice to the client which can be used for negotiating the best terms and conditions on the deal. It also alerts the client on potential pitfalls associated with certain clauses proposed by the other party.

HST also offers post-acquisition integration services once a deal is closed and the acquirer requires a strategy for the smooth integration or incorporation of the target into its operating methods and organizational culture. Post-acquisition integration service includes strategic, operational and process improvement support and tracking performance.

Capital Raising Advisory

Capital Raising Advisory

Here we offer clients strategic analysis on how they can get access to capital for their new or expansion ventures through the issuance of shares or loan applications. HST explores different sources of capital which fits clients’ specific needs and matchmaking with potential strategic partners.

This service can include the preparation of a prospectus and supporting the client during roadshows.

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