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From Consultant to Manager

Bersabeh Teshome | Assistant Manager

Tax and Business Support

Since 2019, HST has been more than just a workplace. It's a supportive community where I've grown, thrived, and now lead a dedicated team. Entrusted with challenges since my early days at the firm, I've honed my skills and risen to assistant manager in the Tax and Business Support Unit. With HST's commitment to growth, I'm excited to tackle new challenges and unlock my full potential. The future is bright, and I can't wait to see what opportunities await!

Where Ambitions Meet Opportunity

Oumer Harun | Assistant Manager

Audit and Assurance

Starting as an eager audit associate, HST's supportive environment transformed me into a skilled professional with diverse talents. In just 3 years, I became an Assistant Manager and ACCA member, thanks to the firm's unwavering investment in development. Surrounded by inspiring mentors, I grew beyond measures. If you seek growth and a place to realize your potential, HST is the place!

Unlocking Potential

Tewedaj Gezahegn | Principal Consultant

Corporate Finance

I began working at HST as a financial auditor. I moved to the firm's corporate finance practices after gaining sufficient experience to understand the nuances of finance, where I now assist our customers in making strategic decisions. The company offers ample opportunities for learning and development, not only in the area of finance but also in life skills and interpersonal interactions. I also feel supported by my colleagues and the leadership on my career.

From Data to Decisions

Endale Birhane | Manager

Strategy and Organization Design

Leveraging my analytics expertise and postgraduate studies, I transitioned from teaching to consulting at HST 5 years ago. Now, as Strategy & Business Model Manager, I lead projects and mentor our team, fueled by growth opportunities and a passion for client success. Honored to be part of a company that empowers knowledge solutions.

Thriving with HST

Tsedenia Assefa | Senior Auditor

Audit and Assurance

Fueled by HST's nurturing environment, I've thrived both personally and professionally. Mentorship, collaboration, and challenging projects honed my skills and contributions. Initiating ACCA studies with HST's support proved pivotal, as practical application propelled my success. The harmonious blend of experience and mentorship advanced my career and ACCA journey.

Beyond the Classroom

Nebiyou Solomon | Principal Consultant

Learning Solutions

Thrilled to join the learning solution team as a training facilitator, I dived into delivering impactful programs across industries. Witnessing client growth sparked a passion for learning. But the most rewarding journey? Digitizing our training programs. This wouldn't have been possible without the supportive environment that fueled my skills and ignited a passion for innovation.

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