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Our History


Upskilling the Workforce

HST establishes the HST Skill Academy, offering e-learning services crucial for upskilling and reskilling organizations with a large workforce




Sharing Knowledge

HST launches its quarterly magazine. This publication aims to provide valuable insights, and thought leadership to the Ethiopian business community, supporting their growth and development.

Fostering Family Business

Demonstrating its commitment to fostering collaboration and engagement within the business community, HST organizes the Ethiopian Family Business Forum (EFBF). The first of its kind locally, the forum provides a platform for family-owned businesses to connect, share best practices, and navigate the unique challenges and opportunities they face.


Leadership Development Continues

HST welcomes Gobeze Dessalegn and Thomas Mulugeta as partners/directors, further enriching its leadership with young and experienced leaders.


Enhancing Human Capital

HST takes its human capital expertise to the next level by reimagining its recruitment services. This revamped offering leverages HST's extensive experience to provide clients with innovative and effective solutions for attracting, assessing, and retaining top talent in today's dynamic market.


Elevating Financial Leadership

HST hosts the inaugural CFO Forum Ethiopia, bringing together leading financial professionals for dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. This forum establishes itself as a key platform for advancing financial and corporate governance practices in the country.


A Renewed Vision

HST undergoes a rebranding initiative to reflect its growth, evolution, and commitment to delivering innovative solutions in a dynamic market. The refreshed brand identity underscores the firm's dedication to excellence and its aspirations for the future.




Leadership Team Grows

Early hires and founding team of the firm, Yonas Harun, and Solomon Melaku’s admission to the firm partnership. Ato Endalkachew Damte industry veteran joined the firm as a director to lead its human capital services further strengthening its leadership team.

Evolving with Market Demands

Recognizing the evolving needs of the market, HST revamped its strategy service to its comprehensive portfolio. This move allows the firm to offer clients a holistic approach to business growth and success.




Strategic Growth

In a strategic move, HST acquires Encore Consulting, expanding its learning solutions and corporate finance service portfolio and enhancing its ability to meet the diverse needs of its clients.


Global Reach, Local Expert

HST served as a member of the Deloitte Network, one of the big four global firms, gaining access to global best practices, resources, and expertise. This collaboration allows HST to offer its clients even greater value and support, while also staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving professional services landscape.




Leadership Strengthened

Ato Getu Jemaneh one of the senior professionals who joined the firm at an early stage is admitted to the firm partnership, bringing valuable experience and leadership to the growing firm. His contributions continue to shape the company's trajectory.


Expanding Expertise

HST expands its service offerings through the successful transition of the consulting firm owned by one of its founding partners, McPAET Consulting to HST Consulting on June 2005, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of professional services in the Ethiopian market.




From Three Firms to One Vision

Three independent audit firms, Haileleul Tamiru & Co., Solomon Gizaw & Co., and Tekeste Gebru & Co., join forces to establish the first partnership audit firm in Ethiopia, combining their expertise and experience to offer comprehensive professional services.

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HST works with clients to solve business growth, operational, people, financial, tax, governance, risk, learning and compliance challenges with locally relevant solutions.

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