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About Ethiopian Family Business Forum

The Ethiopian Family Business Forum (EFBF), an initiative of HST, is a platform dedicated to supporting the growth and sustainability of family-owned businesses in Ethiopia. Recognizing their vital role in the economy, the forum aims to address key challenges faced by these businesses, including:

Leadership development

Governance challenges

Ensuring competitiveness

Succession planning

By fostering collaboration between family businesses, industry experts, and stakeholders, the EFBF offers valuable resources to its members:

Annual forum event: Provides a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

Periodic workshops: Share global best practices through expert guidance.

Research papers:Offer locally relevant insights on critical family business topics.

Ethiopian Family Business Forum 2023

Launched in March 2023, the Ethiopian Family Business Forum (EFBF) tackles challenges hindering family businesses. The forum explored global practices of managing family businesses, financial support opportunities, and legal frameworks. Panel discussions with successful entrepreneurs offered practical solutions. Additionally, a survey gathered crucial data to inform future initiatives and promote sustainable growth

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