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Our Human Capital business unit provides the following services:
Organizational and HR Diagnosis

Organizational and HR Diagnosis

All engagements at HST are evidence driven and we use best practice tools, models and processes. The process of tranforming an organization starts with a rigorous diagnosis of the organization's governance, decison making culture, ways of working, processes, and its talent management practices. 

The diagnosis processes involves both the leadership and employees to have a balanced perspective both on what's on paper Vs the actual practices of a company. 

Identification of the real bottle necks from the get-go saves siginificant amount of time spent on clarifying unnecessary confusions. By creating the environment for honest conversations and consequently, demonstrating the real need to move forward as a company paves the way for a future that is possible to create.

Organizational Structure Design

Organizational Structure Design

When it comes to Organization Design, HST basically follows the widely practiced "Structure follows Strategy" approach: a top-down model cascading the strategic pillars of a given organization into process/operating model, capabilites, and functional/department design of an organization. Our models and processes are tested across industries: Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, and Public Institutions etc.
By creating direct alignment of the organization to its strategy and business model, Organization Design can accelerate the performance of the overall organization for better results. It is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business realities/goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes.
Job Description and Specification

Job Description and Specification

Job description [JD] can seem a routine thing that only HR should do. Our work should inspire us and give us meaning to why we do what we do everyday.

Employees who has a "why" of their work has a better chance of thriving in their workplace. We believe JD is not just a to do list for everyday routine and can be designed in a purpose and career driven way. 
Job Evaluation and Grading

Job Evaluation and Grading

When it comes to evaluating jobs, a 'one size fits all' approach can have ramifications on employees career development and the way companies engages with their staff. Clearly communicating:
  • the complexity,
  • the knowledge required,
  • the influence of the job on the overall company and
  • the pressure that comes with it, makes it easier to create clear expectations from both the employee and the employer side. 
As HST, we follow a proven process and methodology that can build a safe and trust based alliance between employees and employers. The internal worth of jobs are evaluated with the presence of employees and their respective managers using an objective rating scale across standard measuring factors. 
Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent Management is not a buzz word. For an organization with a win-win committment to its employees, it can be a 'hard to immitate' competitive advantage. Its biggest promise can go upto helping companies to retain their rock star employees to creating a sustainable pipeline of their next generation of leaders.

We have designed and delivered Talent Management and HR Strategy work for private and public organizations. Among our full-blown projects, designing organization wide recruitment schemes, learning and development programs, performance management processes and succession planning are the major ones.
Salary Survey and Scale Construction

Salary Survey and Scale Construction

Salary is not the only factor when it comes to rewarding employees. There are a range of critical factors that come into play such as: 
  • Targeted career development opportunities
  • Suitable work enviroment, and
  • Intentionally implemented company culture.
Our reward design approach at HST is inclusive of all the essential elements mentioned above and yet, also subjected to what's specifically required for the unique context of our clients.

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