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HST  is a knowledge  company  that  provides  services  to clients across  various industries.


HST endeavors to support its clients in solving business growth, operational, people, financial, tax, governance, risk, learning and compliance challenges with locally relevant solutions. As local professional service firm, HST offers best practices that fully considers its clients’ unique firm level circumstances and the macro environment they are operating in.


HST is powered by highly qualified and best in class multi-disciplinary professionals in strategy; human capital, audit, corporate finance, enterprise risk, technology, education, tax and outsourcing models and operations. The firm professionals are supported by up-to-date knowledge and modern technology specifically tailored to the Ethiopian business environment to provide solutions to clients’ issues that matters most.


HST Consulting is looking for experienced, energetic and committed leader for one of its esteemed corporate client engaged in a diversified business.


Job Title: Group Chief Executive Officer


The Group Chief Executive Officer is responsible for providing leadership to the entire business operation for Group of Companies for the achievement of the company’s strategic and operational targets and overall business aims.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Strategic Development : Ensure insights, information and recommendations are developed on right inputs and scope; provide overall organizational direction; scan environment to assess emerging trends, issues and risks from a longer term time perspective (e.g., 3-5 years); lead the development of the overall strategic direction, be entrepreneurial and innovative when setting future directions, goals and objectives.


  1. Business Development: Ensure the whole organization and its member companies operate at a high level of professionalism; raise the organization’s profile by being recognized as an industry leader. Set realistic and attainable goals for overall business development of each member company; systematically track and ensure progress against plans. Identify patterns and opportunities; assess growth potential and competitors in complimentary businesses, participate in efforts to partner / collaborate with new firms.

  1. Internal  and   External   Stakeholder   Management:   Identify  new stakeholder relationship requirements; nurture and develop relationships as per the assessment. Ensure close relationships are maintained with internal and external stakeholders and their senior staff through regular meetings; stay informed of the changing dynamics and provides direction accordingly. S/He is also expected to act as an integrator of solutions that aligns internal and external stakeholder needs relevant to the business objectives.


  1. Operational Delivery:  Oversee  organizational  resources  and  business scopes, deliverables, schedules, budget, timeline, roles and responsibilities, thereby; ensuring accountability for an organizational results and outcomes.


  1. Business Management: Analyze major capital and operational expenditure requirements, make decisions and oversee progress against established metrics and improve the adequacy and soundness of structure, policies and procedures.


  1. Supplier Management: Maintain relationships with strategic partners and

Vendors to ensure a real time input need.


  1. Operational Effectiveness: Continuously improve timeliness and the mode of organizational delivery while balancing quality and price of products and services offered.  Act  as  an  ambassador  for  enterprise  change  and take initiatives and implement them where applicable.


  1. Performance Management: Ensure performance objectives are clearly defined and articulated, ensure performance reviews are completed in a timely and comprehensive manner; provide ongoing informal performance feedback. Ensure positive incentives are in place for good performance; while ensuring the system is fair and equitable.


  1. People Management: Guide the development and lead by example of the senior Management team capabilities, build a culture that supports the vision and business strategy. Develop and manage the Senior Management team recruiting, cross-training, coaching and mentoring.


  1. Team Work: Work effectively as a leadership team, supporting other team members in achieving business objectives. Foster a cohesive team environment within leadership team and across the organization as a whole; encourage and ‘recruit’ staff to participate in the overall organizational vision.


Physical Demand/Working Condition


This is a high-stress position based on full responsibility for the Company’s operations. Handles detailed, complex concepts and problems, balances multiple tasks simultaneously, and makes rapid decisions regarding administrative issues.

Required Qualifications


  1. A) A Master’s Degree or above in Management, Business Administration or related discipline from a reputable university and a least 12 years’ working experience with minimum five years in a senior management positi


  1. B) In addition to the above educational credentials and years of experience, as Group Chief Executive officer, this individual need to demonstrate critical leadership competencies in the following areas:
  2. i) Strategic  Thinking:   Ability   to   develop   strategic   alternatives, possibilities and choices with the potential to deliver greater organizational positioning and advantage for the futur
  3. ii) Risk Taking: Ability to seek opportunities for substantial organizational benefit, calculate the associated risks, and proceed knowing the real possibility of negative consequenc

iii) Vision, Direction and Purpose: Ability to develop and set a dynamic,

long term organizational goals that contribute to the fulfillment of a larger organizational goal or mission.

  1. iv) Champions Change: Ability to seek out, initiate, support and manage needed chang Seen as a “change agent” by driving and overseeing transformation efforts within the Group of Companies.
  2. v) Business Acumen: Ability to understand the business implications of decisions in pursuit of organizational performa  Requires the awareness of critical business issues and processes with respect to the Group's strategic direction.
  3. vi) Build Trust: Ability to create an environment that encourages respect,

demonstrates open communication and promotes mutual accountability.

vii) Build Relationships: Ability use appropriate interpersonal skills to build and maintain effective relationships across a broad network.



Remunerations:                  Negotiable Salary and Benefits package


Type of Employment:         Permanent Place of work:                     Addis Ababa How to Apply:

We only encourage applicants who fulfill the above qualification to send their application and relevant documents by e-mail directly to the Managing Director: soloThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit their application in person to the Human Resources Office at Wollo Sefer, Mina Building, 5th Floor until 10th of May 2019.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for next stage of evaluation.

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