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By Jason Piper, ACCA’s Senior Manager, Tax and Business Law – Professional Insights

At the European Commission’s 2011 Conference on the future of company law in Europe, Michel Barnier (whatever happened to him?) warned of the dangers of sterile academic discussion of legal forms while entrepreneurs simply go out and do things, and in the six years since he made those comments the pace of change in technology and business models has illustrated that more starkly than perhaps anyone could have imagined.

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By Steve Bailey, FCCA – Director Medius Consulting

Day in, day out, we read, hear and see breakthroughs that are changing the way we live and work. Examples are wide ranging– the Apple iPhone X, the internet of things and treatments that have dramatically increased the survival rates from disease, not to mention the ubiquitous impact of big data and AI.

So, we may think that innovation is alive and well.  But is it?